The Need for Research

Family-owned and –run companies are the backbone of the Middle Eastern economies. Even though the figures differ from country to country, we can safely say that on average around 75-90% of Middle Eastern companies are owned and run by families.  

Who really needs more facts and figures about the role of family-owned companies in the Arab world, and why?  

First of all, in today’s fast, and highly specialized global economy, family businesses need all high quality information they can get to take well-founded strategic business decisions.  

Furthermore, it is essential to explore the mechanisms of family businesses and their impact on the economy in order to understand and address the challenges they are facing.  

Finally, being able to provide facts and figures about the region’s main economic pillars is essential to facilitate the communication with the international community and to attract investment.  

High quality information is the key to sustainable growth!


Quantitative and Qualitative Research

There is an equal need for quantitative as well as qualitative research on Arab family businesses as both research methods complete each other. Macro-economic analysis on the role of family businesses, as well as more specific research, such as case studies or market-segment analysis, are both highly valuable in their own right.


Tharawats role

In order to get a complete picture of the importance of family-owned companies in the regional economy and understand the challenges they are facing. Tharawat

  • supports relevant regional research projects;
  • nitiates research on specific family-business related topics;
  • conducts research projects;
  • publishes relevant research outcomes.

Browse our research section and find out about Family Business Governance, Case studies on Arab family businesses and other relevant topics.


Your support is crucial!

Tharawat welcomes your support in the family business research projects. If you wish to sponsor research in a specific area, contribute to current projects or wish to participate in any other way - you can contact us under




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